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Updated: Dec 4, 2020



Christmas Eve

still open 9am-noon

Christmas Day

still open 10am-1pm

New Years Eve


New Years Day

still available


We hope everyone is well, we have received a lot of calls in regards if we are doing airport trips and ect. The answer is yes. However we will address the 2 most questions people are asking right now.

- All drivers are wearing masks, we ask the customers do the same, for many reasons, but for the safety of our customers and driver, and future passengers.

- Vehicle is sanitized after every ride, we have taken precautions and prioritized to space our appointments out , so we have time to make sure the vehicle in the cleanest it can be before pickup

We appreciate all of our clients , appreciate the business , and we want to make sure everyone is as safe and healthy as possible

Also , we want to express our sincere gratitude to all workers that have been working through this ordeal, doctors,nurses, firefighters, police force, grocery workers, truck drivers, ems , delivery personal, and all others we may have missed , because of your service to our communities, we are able to slowly start to reopen.

Remember to take care of yourself and neighbors

Update, we have extended this through May 1st (updated April 21st)

4/21/20 - as of May 1st we will be back open to the public for airport trips to CLE, Akron Canton , Detroit, Columbus, Youngstown and Pittsburgh.

we will provide, clorox wipes and hand sanitizer, we ask all passengers and clients where a mask , cabin filters in cars have been changed, and drivers will have masks on

Thank You


Hello Everyone,

We have decided to suspend rides for the following 2 weeks based on a number factors. That being said we will monitor the situation everyday, as of right now we have suspended rides through April 5th 2020. Please feel free to call us for future bookings, we are STILL open for future business

Points of note:

All prepaid bookings were cancelled and fully refunded , no cancellation fees were applied

All vehicles have already been thoroughly sanitized

Booking for future dates are avail through our online booking system, and through phone calls

Personal Note:

Please understand these are tough times for everyone, so please check on your neighbors especially your older ones and just ask them if they need anything. A little help can go a long way to put a smile on someones face. This is a chance for this nation to shine , and come together. We will all make it through this. Please take care of yourselves and one another.

As a small business owner, I appreciate every single one of my clients, thank you again for the business over the years, see you all in a couple weeks

Thank You


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