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COVID-19 Business Update Ultra CLE

We hope everyone is well, we have received a lot of calls in regards if we are doing airport trips and ect. The answer is yes. However we will address the 2 most questions people are asking right now.

- All drivers are wearing masks, we ask the customers do the same, for many reasons, but for the safety of our customers and driver, and future passengers.

- Vehicle is sanitized after every ride, we have taken precautions and prioritized to space our appointments out , so we have time to make sure the vehicle in the cleanest it can be before pickup

We appreciate all of our clients , appreciate the business , and we want to make sure everyone is as safe and healthy as possible

Also , we want to express our sincere gratitude to all workers that have been working through this ordeal, doctors,nurses, firefighters, police force, grocery workers, truck drivers, ems , delivery personal, and all others we may have missed , because of your service to our communities, we are able to slowly start to reopen.

Remember to take care of yourself and neighbors

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