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Vehicle, Pricing and Ammenities

Prices very by trip or event, all airport trips are flat pricing. 
2019 chevy suburban
chevy suburban 2019 LT

Here are a list of what is avaiable and included in your trip


- Free Water 

- Free Wifi Hotspot( please no downloading movies)

- Free Blue Connectivity and use of the radio 

- Free Mints

- Free - up to 2 stops included, extra stops or excessive waiting time will be billed  

- Free Use of cell phone chargers

* available at addtional charge 

- 5.00 for specialized drinks such as coffee, tea, sodas 

- 5.00 - 15.00 for snack requests 

- Higher end items will cost extra and we can provide quote

Vehicle Information 
To Book Now Online
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2019 Chevy Suburban

Air conditioned/ Heated Front Seat

Heated Rear Seats

Privacy Glass

 Moon Roof

truck large enough to fit 2 oversize golf bags

can fit 5 large suitcases

Leather Seats

Premium Sound System

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