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Cleveland Hopkins Airport Update  

2/15/19 - After Conference call with the Airport on 2/14/19 - The airport has decided to go back to the original drop off and pick ups on 2/18/19, so as of 2/18/19 we will be permitted to drop off and pick up at arrivals and departures, the 4.00 fee is still in effect -any questions please contact us at sales@ultracle.com

As of Jan 1st 2019 , The Cleveland Hopkins Airport has decided to charge all limo companies/ livery vehicles 4.00 per pick up and drop off in the specific areas. which will be detailed below. We do not agree with these changes for many reasons, main being the hassle the passengers will incur,  but we are in compliance with them. The Airport is requiring certain things from us Puco number, USDOT number, 1.5 million commercial insurance per vehicle, swipe( access card) and window sticker.  

Ultracle USDOT number # is 03220105

Ultracle Puco number # is 605068

We will be dropping off at the old taxi stand- and we will be picking up in the limo/shuttle lot, below is a link to map and the new restrictions that the city of cleveland is putting on the airport